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LIFF 2017

Been a while. Is this thing still on?

Just wanted to take this moment to publicly show appreciation for Lettie Harkins and the team at Louisiana International Film Fest. Worked with them as part of the screening team back in February and put in a few volunteer hours this weekend as well.

That gave me the opportunity to meet and chat with the makers of a few really great feature documentaries (Operation Route 66, Tell Them We Are Rising) and learn more about some things that are happening and have happened right in our back yard. Tremendously inspiring stories.

Weekends like this reaffirm the role we as filmmakers and storytellers play in the world. It's the role of teacher, connector, influencer, servant as we work to better understand ourselves and those around us. It was also a great reminder to me that our work doesn't have to be perfect to make an impact. Just needs to be honest and compelling.

And if you know me you know I'm a film masochist so here's a list of the things I saw this weekend. I'm certain no one will read this, but best of luck to all the filmmakers as you continue on the festival circuit.

I Called Him Morgan - 4/5

Tell Them we Are Rising 5/5

Glory (Bulgaria 2016) 5/5 - If I could give it more stars I would

Popeye (Thailand 2016) 4/5

Buster's Mal Heart 3.5/5

A Most Peculiar Man 5/5

Official LA Film Prize Showcase: Memoir, Native, The Stand, Ya Albi, and The Man from Mars

Official LA Live Action Shorts: American Pride, Backtrack Vodka, The Importance of Sex Education, Last Light, Memorial Drive, The Verses

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