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creation vs consumption

i spend a great deal of my time consuming things others have created

films, tv shows, books, social media feeds

mostly in an effort to better understand the things we think and believe about ourselves and this world but sometimes simply for pleasure

however i find myself drifting, losing


if i do not create in the face of consumption sometimes

i am a natural observer, analyst, critic so it is in my nature to want to consume everything so i understand it better 

but is not life about growth?

does not a seed die for lack of sun?

or drown if given too much to drink?


so i think there is a tiny creator in all of us who wants to drive sometimes instead of just hanging out in the passenger seat of life observing

so this blog in addition to the hopefully increasing volume of filmmaking projects i work on is my effort to do that: bring balance to the forces i feel pushed and pulled by

besides, simple economics dictates that when there is increasingly more of something good it actually becomes less valuable over time. i have consumed enough, sometimes i think maybe so much that in the end does any of it really matter? 

so here i am to create, to ensure my inner economy is as balanced as a seed receiving sun and water at the proper rates for growth, for my own sanity in the face of dark days

if i happen to write something that resembles intelligence every now and then, let us all be grateful for the happy mistake and above all keep pressing forward in the darkness to the rising sun

Abraham Felix